Tuesday, 22 September 2015

K's Mum Poem #2: M-O-NEY

M to the O to the N - E - Y
We all need it for things to buy
Food, clothing, shelter too
Basic or lavish, old or new.

M to the O to the N - E - Y
It touches your hand then says goodbye
You work to earn it but not to keep
An exchange for that thing you wish to reap.

M to the O to the N - E - Y
Some have lots, others none to get by.
The world revolves around money
But makes it round not for many.

M to the O to the N - E - Y
Tell me money, why oh why
People seek you for temporary glee
When true happiness comes for free?

***This is my original composition.
***This poem can also be found here: http://amumzlife.tumblr.com/post/129506928424/ks-mum-poem-2-m-o-ney


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