Tuesday, 6 October 2015

K's Mum Poem #4: Tantrums

At times I don't know what it is
And I don't know what I want
Fact of the matter is
How I feel, I do not want.

At smallest things, I get upset
When certain things have not been met.
Most times my pride gets in the way
And makes things worse to my dismay.

Sometimes I do know what it is
And I do know what I want
Fact of the matter is
How I feel shows what I want.

I say "yes", but you say "no."
How to deal, I do not know.
I've no patience but you have so.
Until I've calmed, don't let me go.

Soon I'll have control over this
And tell what's right from what I want.
The fact of the matter is
These tantrums, I do not want.

***This is my original composition.


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