Wednesday, 21 October 2015

K's Mum Poem #5: Trick or Treat!

As part of my own way of keeping in touch with creative writing, I try to write short poems or rhymes before going to bed.  Since it's nearly Halloween, of course I had to write one about it and I even featured it in my latest K's Toys video which you can also watch below. :)  Hope you enjoy!

The darkness of the night
Broken by the moonlight
Shadows on the pavement
Shapes and forms in movement.

Squeals, laughter and chatter
Visiting doors in every corner
Knock knock knock from little hands
A monster, or fairy from Neverland?

Tutu skirt, bewitching hat
Ghostly sack, a hero bat
Scary mask, princess gown
Not one face shows a frown

Candy-filled buckets await
Hopeful that it's not too late
Eager for more tasty sweets
What will it be, trick or treat?

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Sincerely, Paula


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  1. That's a sweet poem for Halloween. As I get older I appreciate poetry more and more. So glad I read it! Visiting from #coolmumclub

  2. Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub
    erm...can't think of anything that rhymes with that?! ;-) x MMT

  3. Aw what a lovely poem! I do love poetry #twinklytuesday xx

  4. Great poem, really enjoyed reading it and could picture it in my mind. Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday